Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dead Mermaid Found After Tsunami Netlore Archive: Emailed photos allegedly show the carcass of a dead
mermaid washed up on a beach at Chennai, India by the devastating
tsunami of December 26, 2004
Description: Email hoaxS
tatus: False
Circulating since: Feb. 2005
Analysis: See below
Email example contributed by D. Bridges, 14 Feb. 2005:
MERMAID FOUND AT MARINA BEACH AFTER TSUNAMI Below are the pictures of a mermaid found at marina beach (CHENNAI) last Saturday. The body is preserved in the Egmore museum under tight Security. Note: Mermaid is called as KADAL KANNI in Tamil which is an imaginary Creature described in stories, with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish). Comments: Not true. These snapshots were circulating well before the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004 and were previously alleged to have been taken in the Philippines. In any case, mermaids are creatures of myth and legend, not reality, and while there does exist an ancient tradition of fabricating bogus "mermaid carcasses" out of fish skins and animal bones for exhibition, there are no documented examples of the real thing. Read more about fake mermaids... Email This Article
Do not know how far this is true , I got this thru an EMail , But still i thought this would be good if i did post this as a blog .This is how the Email goes Actually, this picture was taken of the coast of Terengganu in Malaysia. It was all over the papers here the middle of last year. Some of the villagers there stumbled upon this creature.